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Blade 180 QX HD RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter w/EFC-721 HD Camera
E-flite EFC 721 camera with transmitter functionality
RM  739.00  591.00  
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Hyperion Forged 3D - Personal Desktop 3D Printer

Stable and durable construction (rigid frame, does not flex or vibrate.)

RM  1,799.00  1,649.00  
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Graupner MC-16  8 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter
Includes 2 Receivers / Lipo Battery / And More..
RM  1,899.00  999.00  
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Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter with HD Camera (White)
HD camera allows you to take pictures and record videos
RM  499.00  289.00  
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FM Super Falcon 120 V3 Jet

Wing Span : 63 in / 1600mm

RM  1,399.00  1,199.00  
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Turbo Raven 30-35cc Plane with Oracover & CF Version
Wing span:74.8in/1900mm; Oracover Film Covering
RM  1,399.00  1,199.00  
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FMS065 FMS 1450mm P51B Mustang SNOOT'S SNIPER PNP
Wing span: 1450mm/57.0in
RM  899.00  799.00  
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FMS068 Mini 800MM Fox Glider PNP
RM  399.00  289.00  
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2.6m Minni Ventus ARF XY-124
RM  449.00  399.00  
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ROC011 1030mm Waco Red PNP
Wingspan : 1030mm / 40.6in
RM  499.00  449.00  
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LX F18 Jolly Roger Super Hornet 70mm PNP  Jet
RM  1,999.00  1,599.00  
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YAK-55 30-35CC CF version

Wing span:74.8in/1900mm

RM  2,299.00  2,099.00  
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Dynam Cessna 550 Turbo Jet PNP
RM  699.00  599.00  
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FMS042 1700mm Monster Scale P-47 Thunderbolt (1700mm), PNP
Wing Span: 1700mm
RM  1,999.00  1,499.00  
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FMS053 1100mm PT17  The Stearman PT-17 PNP
Durable EPO, Wing Span: 1,050mm ( 41.3in )
RM  549.00  449.00  
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FMS055 1100mm Beechcraft/Staggerwing PNP Package
The 'Staggerwing' Wing Span: 1,030mm ( 40.6in )
RM  549.00  449.00  
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FMS088 Big 1400mm P51D,  Gunfighter PNP
RM  899.00  699.00  
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Yokomo DIB Kit Red 275 Long Wheel Base (DP-DIBLR)
Promotion Offer!
RM  1,599.00  999.00  
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LX F-16 Falcon EX V2 70mm PNP Jet
Wingspan: 860mm (34 in) Length: 1300mm (51.2 in)
RM  1,299.00  949.00  
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Blade Helis Nano CP S RTF Electric Helicopter w/SAFE & 2.4GHz Radio System
Perfect choice for aerobatic heli fun
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Blade Glimpse FPV RTF Micro Electric Quadcopter Drone w/2.4GHz, SAFE, Battery & HD Camera
Blade Glimpse drone is the ideal platform for getting started in aerial cinematography.
RM  799.00  639.00  
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E-flite Ultra-Micro UMX Sbach 342 3D Basic Bind-N-Fly Electric Airplane
AS3X for a great flight performance
RM  699.00  549.00  
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Spektrum DX9 "Black Edition" 9-Channel DSMX Radio System w/AR9020 Receiver & Case
Includes a special edition transmitter case, special edition neck strap and an AR9020 receiver
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Blade Nano QX RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter
Features exclusive SAFE technology with stability and agility modes
RM  399.00  319.00  
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Hyperion ZMR 250 Quadcopter Kit with PCB
ZMR 250 is one of the most popular FPV quadcopter frames today
RM  269.00  249.00  
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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone w/4K Camera

Avoid obstacles automatically.

RM  5,000.00  4,450.00  
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BLH8200 Blade Pico QX RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter
Engineered with SAFE™ technology
RM  220.00  176.00  
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ALIGN T-REX 550E Super Combo
Includes Servos, GP780 Gyro, Motor and ESC
RM  2,050.00  1,799.00  
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MST RMX-D VIP 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Drift Car Chassis ARR (RED)
Superior acceleration and horizontal axis driving force than shaft driven system
RM  2,499.00  1,999.00  
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DJI C1 Inspire 2.4/5.8GHz Radio
It’s easy and intuitive to use.
RM  2,599.00  1,899.00  
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RGG302XW G3-5D 3 Axis Gimbal Super Combo
Advanced control system with superior computational power
RM  4,299.00  3,799.00  
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Poise SwiftCam M3 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal
A New Concept for Filming with Your Smartphone
RM  1,099.00  899.00  
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LX F22 Raptor Twin 70mm PNP Jet
Wingspan: 1046mm (41.2 in) Length: 1513mm (60 in) Flying Weight: 2100g (74 oz). Drive System: 2x 2100KV Outrunner Brushless Motors
RM  1,499.00  1,299.00  
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SF AIRWAYS-45 EP-29 Twin Motors Jet
Constructed by molded lighted foam parts and top-level balsa, WING SPAN: 1141mm
RM  499.00  349.00  
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LX SR71 Blackbird  PNP
Wingspan: 749.3mm (29.5"), Overall Length: 1206.5mm (47.5"), Flying Weight: 907.19g (34 oz)
RM  899.00  699.00  
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