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ALware 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand With Elastic Landing Gear

ALware 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand With Elastic Landing Gear

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Manufacturer: Alware
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ALWARE 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand is a brand new design product from ALWARE company. It is used for GAUI 330X/S with original main frame. This cam stand is made by CNC machines with fiber glass and aluminum materials. Different from the other camera stands, ALWARE 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand is designed with high wuality bearings fit on each joins. This can highly reduce the friction to the control servos thus increase the performance of the whole camera stand. 

Moreover, a new central damper design is used in this new stand. It uses two special washers and a large damper to fix the stand to the bottom plate of 330X's main frame by a M3x20 Hex Cap Screws with M3 nuts. This simple damper design can reduce the weight of the entire stand and at the same time it can reduce the vibrations from the Aircraft transmitted to the camera directly. Therefore a higher quality photo or video can be obtained from 330X's aerial filming.

Adjustable number of axises is another unique characteristic of ALWARE 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand. Instead of using 3 small size servos to control all 3-axises, we can also modify the stand back to 2-axises mode so that 2 servos are also enough to function this Super Cam Stand. In 2-axises mode, the central servo can be ignored and use the original Servo Linkage Rod with Ball Links to fix that axis. Now the Cam Stand can be controlled by 2 servos in 2-axises!

Furthermore, ALware 3D Elastic Landing Gear (GAUI 330X) set is also included with this Cam Stand. With this newest and specialized Landing Gear, your 330X will become more stable and safer when landing on a tough land. This landing gear is designed with elasticity principle. With the Extension Springs, shocks with higher intensity can be also reconciled so that the Cam Stand and the 330X will be protected. Besides this wonderful benefit, both Cam Stand and the Elastic Landing Gear will lower the CG of the whole 330X assembly as a result of a higher stability can be maintained.

If you love aerial filming, now upgrade your GAUI 330X/S with ALware 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand With Elastic Landing Gear for better performance and experience!

 Feature of the 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand:

-Brand new designed 3-axises camera mount.

-Made of fiber glass and aluminum materials whose are light but strong.

-Adjustable 2-3 rotational axises with high quality bearings on each joins.

-Controllable axises by standard small size servos.

-With CNC Aluminum joins, servo and bearing mounts thus increased the precision of the whole camera mount.

-With new central damper design which greatly reduce the vibrations transmitted to the camera.  

-Use bottom plate assemble method to the GAUI 330X as to increase the stability of the aircraft in the sky due to lower CG position.

-Easy to assemble.


Reassemble the whole camera mount with Thread Lockers added is necessary before the first flight, otherwise serious crash may be occurred due to loose screws or parts.

 Feature of the Elastic Landing Gear:

- Made of 2mm fiber glass material which is light but strong.

- Multidirectional shocks can be absorbed with the Extension Spring on each piece of landing gear.

- The props, main frame and all electronics of 330X can better be protected.

- Capable of absorbing large shock from the quick landing of 330X.  

- Easy assembly method to the 330X, use it's original screws holes to secure the landing gear sets.

- Provide larger space on the belly of 330X. 

- Provide a higher distance from the bottom position of 330X to the ground.

- Will increase the stability of 330X as it lowers the CG (Centre of Gravity).


Specification of the Cam Stand:

Weight: Approx. 225g (Included Landing Gear set)

Max. Height: 146mm

Max. Length: 168mm

Max. Wide: 56mm

Max. Dimension of carriable camera: 60x110x50mm (HxLxW)

Dimension of the 3 Servo mounts: 25x11.8mm(LxW)


- 1x ALware 3 Axis Gyro Super Cam Stand

- 1x ALware 3D Elastic Landing Gear set

- 8x M2x8 Hex Cap Screws 

- 1x M3x20 Hex Cap Screw

- 3x Servo Linkage Rods with Ball Links

- 1x Damper