All products suitable for age 14 years old and above.
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    Multicopter / Electric Equipment / Propeller / Part & Upgrade
    The pioneer and leader in the application of 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio technology to RC hobbies.
    Electric Motor
    Electric Motor for RC Car, RC Helicopter, RC Plane, RC MultiCopter
    It is a shared passion for motorsports and radio control....about gathering friends, grabbing a vehicle and having the time of your life. Vaterra...Adventure Driven.
    Fuel Equipment
    Engine Starter / Muffler / Exhaust / Glow Plug Igniter / Starter Box / Accessories
    Voltage Regulators
    Output voltage is user selectable from 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, up to 8.4V unregulated. Provide lipo power to the receiver, servos, and the internal glow plug ignition
    Gyros & Governors
    Helicopter Gyroscope / Spartan / Futaba / Align / JR / Curtis Youngblood / Flybarless System / BeastX / 3GX
    Night Equipment
    Aviation LED, Flashers light