Frequent Asked Questions ( About Website )

1. Do you have Physical Retails Shop ?

Yes, We have 2 offices, 1 warehouse, and 4 retails shop in Malaysia, More info...

2. Why my transaction always fail?

In order to reduce the chances of transaction failure, customers are strongly encouraged to turn off the pop-up blocker.

To do so, go to Menu Bar, choose Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Turn off Pop-up Blocker.

3. What is Discount Code ?

We will send discount code to our return customers.

for example, a RTF Belt will cost RM750 to public, for return customer, we will offer a Discount code worth Rm100 to customers, customer get RTF with RM650 after discounted.

4. What is Pre-order, why no price listing, why cant order ?

Item is not in stock, not ready for immediate pick up/ delivery

For Pre-order items, the lead time is 1 ~ 3 months.

5. What is Tracking Number ?

A Parcel Tracking Number will be SMS to buyer everyday 7pm after despatch the order. Tracking number is unique for every delivered parcel. If  you didnt receive a tracking number after 7pm, you can always call our Premium Member Service Line 0379600028 or 0122436777 to request for tracking number.

6. How to Check Stock Status?

Step 1:-

Step 2:-




7. How to buy online?

Don't feel like buying online? Dont worry we have other options:-

8. Why buy online ?

It is easier to browse online for Rc items, imagine we have over 10k of unique products to display at shop, furthermore, we have Rc Smart Membersip exlcusive for

9. Can we buy online and walk in collection after payment ?

Yes, this is the best way for Rc Smart Shopping ! You will get points, and enjoy the Rc Smart Membership Privilleges and Benefits

10. Receving wrong products or wrong quantity ?

Call 03-79600028 or email to, Hp/Whatsapp 012-7810280

Frequent Asked Questions ( About RC )

1. Elevator / Pitch / Aileron Servo replacement for CCPM Helicopter

- Please replace with Same type of Servo for CCPM system.

2. How to Trim Swash plate ?

- you can use a swashplate leveller, Or manually trim it. ( Find out which is Elevator (Fwd Bwd trim ), if you trim it randomly according to your sense, you will mess up everything.

3. How to avoid ESC burnt out ?

- IF it is Belt Driven, make sure the belt tension is not extremely high
- Make sure you plug the right way ( Black And Red power cable )
- For Rc Helicopter, make sure the helicopter is in flying condition with hobby shop.
- Eash Session of playing is limited to maximum of 4-10 minutes only
- Please make sure your Blades / Propeller is attached with motor for run in, a Motor without Blades / Propeller have maximum RPM all the time, the ESC can burnt out in mili seconds. For Rc Car, Full throttle only when your car is grounded.
- For upgrade, make sure the gear ratio is reasonable, a over size pinion/gear can damage the motor and burnt out the ESC
- Motor Problems can damage ESC, such as shaft, magnets, and other's minor motor's problem.

4. What is PNP, RTF, RTR, ARF ?

-  Plug and play, ready to fly, ready to run, almost ready to fly,

5. What is Mode 1, Mode 2 ?

- A Rc helicopter or Rc plane Transmitter come with different mode, mode 1 is with throttle on right, mode 2 is with throttle on left. There are mode 3 and mode 4 as well.

We welcome emails for suggestion, feedback or complaints to the management :