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Fullymax 8300mAh 3S 15~30C Lipo Pack 11.1V

Fullymax 8300mAh 3S 15~30C Lipo Pack 11.1V

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SKU: FB8300XL-3S-15C
Weight: 500 grams
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Fullymax 8300mAh 11.1V 15C with Deans Connector

Size and Weight Comparison Chart :

FB8300.3S.15C.png (600×450)

Our Part No.   (battery pack) Our Model No.     (in single cell) Description Max cont. discharge (C-rate/current) Max Burst(3Sec)       (C-rate/current) Approx. dimensions            H x W x L (mm) Approx. Weight (g) Wh
FB7700S-1S FB6066160S 3.7V 7700mAh 1cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 6.0x65x157 142.0 27.75
FB7700S-2S FB6066160S 7.4V 7700mAh 2cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 13.6x66x165 320.0 55.50
FB7700S-3S FB6066160S 11.1V 7700mAh 3cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 19.6x66x165 466.0 83.25
FB7700S-4S FB6066160S 14.8V 7700mAh 4cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 26.1x66x165 614.0 111.00
FB7700S-5S FB6066160S 18.5V 7700mAh 5cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 32.1x66x166 760.0 138.75
FB7700S-6S FB6066160S 22.2V 7700mAh 6cell 8C(61.6A) 15C(115.5A) 38.6x66x166 906.0 166.50
FB8300XL-1S FB9648157XL 3.7V 8300mAh 1cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 9.6x48x155 160.0 29.97
FB8300XL-2S FB9648157XL 7.4V 8300mAh 2cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 20.2x49x160 350.0 59.94
FB8300XL-3S FB9648157XL 11.1V 8300mAh 3cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 29.8x49x160 516.0 89.91
FB8300XL-4S FB9648157XL 14.8V 8300mAh 4cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 39.9x49x161 678.0 119.88
FB8300XL-5S FB9648157XL 18.5V 8300mAh 5cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 49.5x49.5x161 838.0 149.85
FB8300XL-6S FB9648157XL 22.2V 8300mAh 6cell 15C(124.5A) 30C(249.0A) 60x49.5x161 1005.0 179.82
FB9000HP-1S FB6067220HP 3.7V 9000mAh 1cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.0A) 6.0x67x220 206.0 33.30
FB9000HP-2S FB6067220HP 7.4V 9000mAh 2cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.1A) 13.0x68x226 440.0 66.60
FB9000HP-3S FB6067220HP 11.1V 9000mAh 3cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.2A) 19.0x68x226 642.0 99.90
FB9000HP-4S FB6067220HP 14.8V 9000mAh 4cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.3A) 25.0x68x226 848.0 133.20
FB9000HP-5S FB6067220HP 18.5V 9000mAh 5cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.4A) 31.5x68.5x227 1050.0 166.50
FB9000HP-6S FB6067220HP 22.2V 9000mAh 6cell 25C(225.0A) 50C(450.5A) 37.5x68.5x227 1252.0 199.80
FB10000S-1S FB11048157S 3.7V 10000mAh 1cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 11.0x48x157 185.0 37.00
FB10000S-2S FB11048157S 7.4V 10000mAh 2cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 24.0x48x167 403.0 74.00
FB10000S-3S FB11048157S 11.1V 10000mAh 3cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 36.0x48x167 593.0 111.00
FB10000S-4S FB11048157S 14.8V 10000mAh 4cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 48.0x48x167 782.0 148.00
FB10000S-5S FB11048157S 18.5V 10000mAh 5cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 60.0x48x167 971.0 185.00
FB10000S-6S FB11048157S 22.2V 10000mAh 6cell 8C(80.0A) 15C(150.0A) 72.0x48x167 1160.0 222.00