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Voltage Protector / Voltage Regulator for Receiver

Voltage Protector / Voltage Regulator for Receiver

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Many Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's) which use a BEC (battery Elimination Circuit) will only supply enough voltage to run 2-3 servos yet many people seem to ignore this and run 4, 5 or even 6 servos with a BEC!

In a lot of today's speed controllers the circuitry is such that the motor will get priority and with the power of servo's and electric motors used in today's model aircraft, this can lead to a momentary voltage drop to the receiver. Resulting in what appears to be interference. Many people are simply running too many servos with a BEC'd ESC. What appears to be a 'glitch' could easily be as simple as a voltage drop on the BEC supply to the receiver.


To overcome this, a simple plug in device that stores an 'electrical charge' so if the voltage drops below a certain level the device discharges its voltage helping to 'smooth-out' the voltage level and maintain strong radio reception.


Installation is as simple as plugging it into a spare channel on the receiver.