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Yuneec Typhoon Wizard

Yuneec Typhoon Wizard

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Weight: 500 grams
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Brand: Yuneec International
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The Yuneec TYPHOON Wizard is a handheld mini GPS tracking device that gives you full, one-handed, flight control over the TYPHOON series of drone aircraft. Features such as 'Follow Me' and 'Watch Me' ensure that you are in frame in every shot. The ‘point to fly’ function allows you to point and click to reposition your TYPHOON in a very intuitive way, as if by magic.
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  • Control your Q500 drone with your hand
  • Control the camera pitch
  • Change the Q500 mode directly from the Wizard

The Yuneec TYPHOON Wizard introduces an added feature to your compatible aircraft. – ‘Point to Fly’ Functionality. To enable ‘Point to Fly’ simply press and hold the “Magic” Button on the TYPHOON Wizard, and the aircraft can fly in any direction the TYPHOON Wizard is pointed to in the sky.

This means that you can have the TYPHOON aircraft fly away from you (wizard tilted upwards between 0° and 40°), or fly close to you (Wizard is tilted upwards between 50° and 90°), or just point and watch the TYPHOON aircraft move with your commands.

Hand Controlled Drone

Along with ‘Point to Fly’ Functionality, the TYPHOON Wizard still allows the existing flight modes available in the normal ground station operation. These include Smart Mode, with ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Watch Me’ functions, Angle Mode, and Home Mode.

Its important to note that the camera control, including photo taking or video recording, should be operated on the Yuneec CGO Mobile App, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or APP Store.

Flight Considerations:

1. The Wizard won’t replace the Personal Ground Station/Remote Controller because it has no Wifi/Downlink.
2. Do not submerge the Wizard in water no matter if it is in/not in waterproof carrying strap/case. The aircraft will lose signal immediately.
3. Do not use Go Home Mode when you are in water areas.
4. Be sure to turn off the Wizard when you do not use it.
5. Be sure to operate your Wizard in open area free from people, vehicles and other environmental obstructions. Never fly near or above crowds, airports or buildings.