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Phantom 2 Battery Parallel Charge Board

Phantom 2 Battery Parallel Charge Board

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Brand: Alware
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What is needed the most when you are fulling in love with aerial filming and multicopter flying? Time? Space? Money? Certainly these are needed, but we would say a nice set of battery charger will help you a lot and save your precious time waiting for the battery to be recharged. With currently battery technology, for most electric RC aircraft the flight time will only be 10~15 minutes maximum. But what if you are going to make a aerial filming video of a car or bike race that may probably take you more than half an hour? You won’t have that much time to charge your battery one by one, the precious moments will be gone after waiting for your battery to be recharged.
The Phantom 2 Battery Parallel Charge Board here will be your saviour for such situation. You can charge 3 batteries at once, or one by one according to your power supply setting. It allows you to charge with a higher current (e.g. 15A, optional), also with a protection switch included for safe charging. With this battery parallel charge board your Phantom 2 now is completed and ready to go for any aerial filming mission. Remember, when it comes to battery and power supply, it’s always crucial because it’s something that may burn spontaneously if not using properly, So make sure you read all the important notes written below before use!
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Package Included:

  • Phamtom2 Battery Parallel Charge Board x 1

Product Highlights:

  • Parallel charging up to 3 Phantom2 LiPo batteries at the same time
  • Charge with the stock DJI charger (4A)
  • Able to use high capacity power supply (e.g. 15A) to charge the batteries faster (optional)
  • Protection swtich included on the board for safe charging

Important Notes:
- Since the output of the original Phantom2 charger is 4A only, the the battery will charge one by one.
  Please always place the batteries in sequence (if you want to charge 2 batteries only, please plug them on Bat1 & Bat2 slots).
  After the Bat1 full, it will start to charge the Batt2, then Batt3.
- To use external power supply, it must be 12.6V and 12-15A. Then you will be able to charge 3 batteries at the same time.
- DO NOT charge single battery if you use external power supply over 6A.

- Phantom2 charger, power supply and battery shown in the photos are not included.
- Please do not leave your battery to charge unattended. Away from any flammable materials.