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Futaba MPDX-1 Multi-Proportional System Decoder

Futaba MPDX-1 Multi-Proportional System Decoder

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Brand: Futaba
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MPDX-1 Multi-Proportional System Decoder

Plug the MPDX-1 into one channel of any PCM G3, PCM 1024 or FM receiver, and get eight in return — that's SEVEN MORE channels that a pilot can use any way he wishes.
Unlike other channel expanders, all seven of the channels added with Futaba's MPDX-1 unit are fully proportional, switch-selectable — and all feature endpoint adjustment (ATV) and fail-safe!
Very easy to set up; comes preset for PCM 2048 resolution.
Also works well with Futaba's R148DP and R149DP receivers; or use two MPDX-1 units with an R5014DPS and gain 14 proportional channels!
An inexpensive way to get the channel capabilities of a second radio!
This will work with the 14MZ and the FX40. If you have an update of 1.31 or more on the 12FG and 12Z transmitters. Please be aware that the MPDX-1 is not for use in FASST mode.

The MPDX-1 connects to the receiver output of a 14MHz or FX-40 System and expands the signal of one channel to 8 channels.


Servo operation of 8 channels is possible with 1 channel.
Linear operation
Servo operation speed of each channel can be set.
Fail-Safe for each channel can be set.
14MZ/FX40 can accommodate up to 2 multi-proportional decoders. Channel expansion up to 28 channels is possible with the R5014DPS receiver.
Operating control setting, direction of operation change, and travel adjustments are possible for each multi-prop expanded channel.