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Airy Turbo Kit for Big Lama (Silver)

Airy Turbo Kit for Big Lama (Silver)

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Brand: Airy
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Best Upgrade for ESKY Big Lama (E020)!
ESKY Big Lama is a very good helicopter for beginner becasue it is coaxial design, large in size and having a high performance power system. However, the original center shaft may cause Blade Strike (Upper rotor and Lower rotor jammed together, becuase of flexy blades), and slow respond because of the close distance of the 2 rotors. There for, AiRY developed a Turbo Shaft for the ESKY Big Lama, it extends the distance between the Upper Rotor and Lower Rotor by 27mm, eliminating the "Blade Strike" situation and dramatically increase the respond of the movements. Also, this kit will include a high percision Alumnium Center Hub, Upper and Lower Blade Holder and Swahsplate, they all increase the durability and percision of your helicopter. You will not regret for getting this best upgrade for AiRY Turbo Kit for Big Lama.

Made of High Quality Alumnium - Choose from silver or purple color


More agilie and quicker respond
- Thanks to the 27mm extended Turbo Shaft

AiRY Turbo Kit for Big Lama includes:

1 x CNC Metal Rotor Head
2 x CNC Metal Blade Clamp
1 x CNC Metal Blade Clamp Holder
1 x CNC Metal Swashplate
1 x Stainless Steel Turbo Shaft (27mm longer than default)
1 x Stainless Steel Main Shaft
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Review : This kit is not an original product as its parts are easily flown/unattached if unscrewed completely. it gives more lift than stock. price is higher than usual. thanks