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Emax UBEC 3A
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All products suitable for age 14 years old and above.
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    1.Align (Featured)
    Align Trex Helicopter / Spare Parts / Fuel Equipment / Fuselage / Lipo Batteries / 3G Flybarless System
    1.Axial Racing (Featured)
    Axial Racing Rock Crawler
    Epoxy / Foam CA / CA-Glue / Thread Locker
    Cap, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Polo-Tee, Jacket
    Batteries & Accessories
    Li-ion, Li-polymer, Nicd, NiMh, etc
    Charger & Accessories
    Smart Charger with Build in Lipo Balancer, 601BC, 801BC, Fast Charger, etc
    Electric Motor
    Electric Motor for RC Car, RC Helicopter, RC Plane, RC MultiCopter
    ESC Speed Control & BEC
    Electronic Speed Control & Battery Eliminator Circuit
    Flight Simulator
    Phoenix, Great Planes Real Flight, FMS Simulator. Simulators to help you learn how to master RC flight , Rc plane, Rc Helicopter
    15% / 16% / 25% / 30% / Gallon, WIldcat fuels made in USA
    Fuel Equipment
    Engine Starter / Muffler / Exhaust / Glow Plug Igniter / Starter Box / Accessories
    Gas/Glow Engines & Parts
    20cc to 111cc DLE Engine, OS GT55, Jba Gas Engine.
    Gyros & Governors
    Helicopter Gyroscope / Spartan / Futaba / Align / JR / Curtis Youngblood / Flybarless System / BeastX / 3GX
    Night Equipment
    Aviation LED, Flashers light
    Radios & Receivers
    Transmitter, Digital Radio System, FM, PPM, 4 channel and 6 channel only. Receiver. remote control
    RC Boats & Parts
    Kyosho Seawind
    Scale Cabin & Fuselage
    Air Wolf, Jet Ranger, Bell 222, 3D cabin, 400 size and 450 size, etc
    Servo & Accessories
    Align / Corona / Futaba / Hitec / JR Propo / Sanwa / Savox / Techone / Towerpro
    Tools & Accessories
    Paint Spray, Plier, Hexagonal, T Cross, Hard Case, Hanger, Pore Opener. Cable, Switch, Liquid glue, Checker
    Voltage Regulators
    Output voltage is user selectable from 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, up to 8.4V unregulated. Provide lipo power to the receiver, servos, and the internal glow plug ignition
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